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Member Since: July 14, 2018
Posts: 17

Having had a lot of experience with starting up his own business, Edward Carl Thirlwall seems to be doing better than fine with his Supercheap Storage outlets in Sydney, Australia.

Growing up in Papua New Guinea as a member of a family of 4 boys was competitive and since striking out on his own with his business venture in Supercheap Storage, Edward has come a long way. It helped that his brother were interested in business endeavours too, and he's learnt a lot about what to expect and how to handle the different circumstances when it comes to running your own operations.

Nowadays, Edward relaxes a little more with his family in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, where his outlet of the Supercheap Storage franchise also stnads. His 2 kids and his wife accompany him on a weekly basis to long treks into the mountains or into the countryside, and they enjoy spending time together as a family in the wide outdoors.

Edward relishes his time with his family and friends, because he knows when he's back in town, there's a lot of work to do! And Some of that work includes preparing quotations for storage solutions for some of the bigger offices and companies in Australia!

Supercheap Storage is pleased to offer a great storage and relocation solution for companies that are looking for the answer to a seasonal inventory problem, or having to keep periodically used items away for the majority of the year. Lots of businesses also regularly shift locations and upgrade (or downgrade) and need a cheap and efficient way to move their items into their new premises with as little business interruption as possible.

Well, Supercheap Storage is the answer to all that and more! With Supercheap Storage's easy to understand business model, your business can benefit from its quick and efficient method of storage solutions from the minute that you pick up the phone.

For one, Supercheap Storage guarantees that you'll have the lowest price available in the market for your storage needs. We fix our prices so that no matter how long or short you are storing your items with us, you'll never have to worry about changes in our rates for that period. That means it'll be easier for your business to calculate costs and save in the long run. Also, we intend to be around for a long time, so we encourage your company to look at our longer tenure plans so that we can offer you even better discounts as you support us through the years.

Supercheap Storage just wants to make sure that we're able to facilitate your storage needs while reducing the amount of downtime that is inevitable with every move or business process, so find out more from us how our standard, premium and platinum plans can also offer you a greater variety of services that can match your business requirements for storage, no matter whether you're a multi-national corporation or a home-grown family business.

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