Programmable battery charger IC reduces charge time, heat, size

San Jose, Calif. — Summit Microelectronics has expanded its family of programmable battery charger ICs with the introduction of the SMB137 USB/AC Li-ion charger and I/O power manager for mobile consumer electronics devices. The SMB137 supports USB 2.0 and USB On-The-Go, and features Low-Battery-Recovery (LBR) for deeply discharged cells and proprietary TurboCharge technology, which is said to reduce charge time, power dissipation and solution size compared to conventional charger solutions.

The SMB137's CurrentPath input/output controller intelligently arbitrates between dual (USB or AC/DC) inputs and applies the appropriate current limit (100 mA/500 mA or 700-1400 mA) depending on the source — USB or AC/DC. All the input/output control functions are governed by programmable parameters held in non-volatile configuration memory.

The fully integrated switch-mode charger outputs up to 1.5 A with over 90% typical efficiency, maximizing charge current while minimizing power dissipation, which the company claims is up to a 50% to 80% improvement over typical linear charging
solutions. Patent-pending TurboCharge technology automatically boosts output current while precisely limiting input current for USB 2.0 compliance — up to 750/150 mA charger output from a 500/100 mA USB 2.0 port or 1.5 A from a 1000 mA AC/DC adapter.

An IIC digital interface and volatile/non-volatile programmability allow for a high degree of flexibility in power management parameters. The SMB137 can be “custom” programmed in manufacturing and used “standalone” without the need for system interaction. Alternatively, with the I2C interface, virtually all parameters can be adjusted “on-the-fly” to optimize battery charging with software depending on system needs. Parameters that are programmable include: input and output current limiting, pre-charge/fast-charge/termination current settings, float voltage, pre-charge voltage threshold and OTG/LBR current limit.

The SMB137 operates with an input range from +4.35 V to +5.5 V and tolerates input over-voltage up to +16 V (non-operating). The operating temperature range is -30°C to +85°C. Safety features include input current limit, dual independent output current limits, input and battery over-voltage protection, battery and chip thermal protection, charge safety timeouts, trickle charge, software watchdog timer and status/fault monitors.

Pricing: $2.30 each in quantities of 10,000.
Availability: Available now in production quantities, the SMB137 is offered in a 3.3 x 3.6mm 30-ball chip-scale (CSP) package., which is lead-free and RoHS compliant. The SMB137EV companion evaluation board and a graphical user interface (GUI) software is also available.
Product information: SMB137

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