Programmable current-limit switches come in tiny package

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX4995A/MAX4995AL/MAX4995B/MAX4995C/MAX4995AF family of 1.4mm x 1.8mm, high-accuracy, programmable current-limit switches.

Designed to protect host devices against faulty load conditions, the devices feature a ±10% accurate current limit that can be programmed with an external resistor from 50mA to 600mA for design flexibility. The devices are intended for SDIO and other load-switching applications, and their low, 170microamp (typ) quiescent current makes them particularly well suited for battery-powered applications.

Each device in the family handles overcurrent events differently. The MAX4995A/MAX4995AL/MAX4995AF go into an autoretry mode, the MAX4995B latches off the switch, and the MAX4995C places the device in a continuous current-limit mode. Additionally, all devices provide reverse-current protection, which prevents current from being dumped back into the source.

Packaged in a lead-free, 1.4mm x 1.8mm, 10-pin UTQFN, the MAX4995 family is fully specified over the extended (-40°C to +85°C and automotive (-40°C to +125°C) temperature ranges.

Pricing: Starts at $1.10 (1000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: Now.
Datasheet: click here.

Maxim Integrated Products,

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