Programmable device boosts industrial, computing system reliability

San Jose, Calif.—Aimed at industrial and computing markets IDT (Integrated Device Technology Inc. has developed a single-chip system that monitors multiple computing processes simultaneously.

The 9WDV3501 system monitor device is designed to watch the voltage, processor operation and temperature in any type of computing system, including servers, routers, storage area networks and POS registers. The device prevents these types of systems from operating in error or unsafe modes, eliminating potential system damage and performance errors.

The 9WDV3501 system monitor device is pin programmable, allowing customers to purchase a single device that meets all of their system specifications rather than purchasing several individual devices—each with separate functionality. This gives IDT customers greater design flexibility while lowering design and inventory costs.

The system monitor features a power-on reset function that holds the reset pins in active mode when the user first turns on the power switch, allowing the power supplies to reach maximum levels. This helps prevent incorrect system starts, protecting against potential system errors and unnecessarily restarting the system.

The 9WDV3501 system monitor also features a watchdog timer that monitors the control microprocessor to ensure it is functioning correctly. Acting as a system failsafe, the device monitors an I/O pin on the microprocessor, and if that I/O pin doesn't pulse in a specified period of time, the system monitor assumes it is in an endless loop and resets the system.

In addition, the system monitor has a power supply monitor that continually checks the voltage levels of the system to see if any of the power supplies go below a specified minimum voltage, which could keep the logic or microprocessor from functioning correctly. If power supply levels reach the minimum voltage specification, the system monitor resets the system and keeps it reset until the power levels reach a safe condition, helping increase system reliability and preventing system parts from failing.

It is available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, and in a 20-pin QFN or a 20-pin TSSOP package.

Pricing: $2.05 for 10,000 units.
Availability: Shipping in full production.
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