Programmable digital filter offers configurability

Allen, Tex.—Quickfilter Technologies Inc. has developed a reference design to allow a single QF1D512 Simple and versatile FIR engine (SavFIRe ) IC to be configured to provide multiple channel filtering in a single device.

By using this product, designers can implement audio equalization for both the left and right channels. In the two-channel equalizer configuration, the QF1D512 SavFIRe chip can implement, as an example, a 200-20K Hz band pass filter. The filter will reject better than 24-dB per octave in the transition band based on a 44.1-kHz sampling rate.

With Quickfilter's QuickPro design tools, the user can also implement a free form editor for an array of 'sound-shaping' possibilities.

This configuration can be applied to both wired and wireless audio systems, including wireless speakers, stereo headsets, docking stations for iPods, other MP3 players and satellite radio systems, and audio systems for stereo networks.

Announced in September 2006, the QF1D512 SavFIRe chip allows systems designers to quickly and easily add precision digital filtering to an application. For more information on the QF1D512click here.

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