Programmable DRC amplifier protects speakers

Designed to improve overall volume over traditional Class-D amplifiers, a filter-free, stereo version has been created by Texas Instruments that provides a 1.7 W per channel output drive capability across an 8 Ohm load.

The TPA2016D2 amplifier incorporates programmable dynamic range compression (DRC), which automatically adjusts the audio to the desired loudness range to protect the speaker and preventing clipping and distortion. This is done by enabling the designer to compress the dynamic range of the audio to match the dynamic range of the speaker. DRC also automatically boost soft volumes, and serves to free up a claimed 20 percent of MIPS in the DSP for other functions.

The DRC can be programmed via the I2C interface. Users can select gains from -28 dB to +30 dB, and program attack/hold/release times, compression ratios and noise threshold values.

Evaluation modules with accompanying software are already available for the TPA2016D2.

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