Programmable driver powers LensVector AutoFocus device for mobile phone cameras

Winchester, UK – Programmable mixed-signal power management IC solutions provider, Summit Microelectronics has introduced the SMB274 programmable driver for the LensVector solid-state AutoFocus device.

The SMB274 demonstrates Summit's leadership in programmable mixed-signal power management, integrating high-performance analog power and high-density digital control. The high level of integration combined with micro-power operation in an ultra-compact CSP package and minimum external components yields an ideal solution for the next generation of miniature digital cameras employing LensVector AutoFocus technology.

LensVector has developed optical technology that can shape, steer and focus light without mechanical movement. The company's technology addresses the need for autofocus and other advanced optical features in the large and rapidly growing market for miniature cameras embedded in mobile phones, laptops, pocket video camcorders and other consumer electronics.

Sampling today with key customers, LensVector AutoFocus replaces the complex, bulky and often fragile mechanical autofocus mechanisms currently found in camera phones with a simple and easy-to-integrate solid-state component.

“The close partnership and cooperative product development efforts between LensVector and Summit have enabled the timely introduction of the first complete solid-state autofocus solution for handheld applications,” said Abid Hussain, Summit Vice-President of Marketing and Applications. “The SMB274's tiny solution size and the ultra-compact LensVector AutoFocus device combine to create unprecedented performance and form factors in digital imaging. Summit is pleased to be part of this ground breaking innovation.”

“Our handset customers have expressed strong interest in small, energy-efficient, rugged autofocus solutions from LensVector that can easily be integrated into their devices and mass manufactured at a competitive cost, '' said LensVector CEO Derek Proudian. “Summit's driver IC complements these advantages and delivers a solution that brings autofocus to every camera phone. The solution simplifies camera module designs and fits seamlessly into module integrator's existing assembly processes.”


The SMB274 combines all the features and functions required to support the LVAF device operation. The autofocus driver is powered by an on-chip charge pump while integrated feedback signal processing optimizes performance and minimizes external components. To ease system integration the SMB274's I2C/SMBus serial interface and non-volatile configuration options provide simple host control and flexibility to address various applications.

Together these features allow seamless operation with existing and emerging autofocus control systems in mobile phone cameras.


The SMB274 is offered in a 1.34 mm x 2.34 mm, 15-ball WLCSP package. Samples and evaluation kits will be available later this quarter from Summit and LensVector.

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