Programmable MEMS shock and vibration sensors for industrial system monitoring

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is expanding its iSensor intelligent sensor
product family with the introduction of two integrated
sensors that simplify the task of embedded shock and
vibration sensing within harsh industrial
environments.   The programmable ADIS16240 impact
sensor delivers power efficiency and user configurability in
embedded applications while detecting and storing critical events for
subsequent analysis. The programmable ADIS16220 digital vibration
sensor provides designers with the capability to automatically capture
profiles of  vibration shifts in machine performance and many
other industrial applications that require wide-bandwidth sensing.

The ADIS16240 is a fully integrated digital shock detection and capture
system that combines ADI's iMEMS technology with an embedded signal
processing solution, enabling designers to convert  motion
into system information in applications such as condition monitoring,
impact detection, security sensing and tamper detection. The device's
triple-axis shock and impact sensor and recorder includes an integrated
on-chip programmable event capture buffer, which monitors for user
programmed shock thresholds and holds pre- and post-event data,
time-stamp, temperature and voltage.

Programming features and data access are controlled from a standard SPI
(serial peripheral interface) port.  Once implemented in the
system, the device
operates autonomously, capturing multiple events for later analysis or
providing real-time indication of excessive shock environments.

With a usable bandwidth of up to 1.6 kHz, the ADIS16240 is capable of
capturing critical shock events.

The ADIS16220 is a digital vibration monitor that combines ADI's award
winning and industry-leading wide-bandwidth iMEMS sensing technology
with an embedded signal processor and data capture system. A digital
interface combined with a 22-kHz wide-bandwidth, high-g
accelerometer provides engineers with the ability to design embedded
vibration monitoring
capabilities into industrial systems through a user
interface with optimized power dissipation and user configurable
controls. The ADIS16220 also has an SPI interface port.

The integrated and programmable vibration sensor  captures
1024 samples on each of three inputs, at 100 kSPS
(kilosamples per second). Programmable software features, which include
peak sample and hold, trigger source and threshold levels, internal
filtering and power management make the device tunable to specific
applications or operational scenarios.

The 22-kHz sensor bandwidth, 70-g dynamic range, and 100-kHz sample
rate make the ADIS16220 effective for industrial applications,
including safety controls, embedded vibration monitoring and bearing
condition monitoring. The internal high-rate-capture buffers allow
complete event profile capture and help with remote data transmission.
Data capture is configurable to be user-initiated, timer initiated, or
event initiated, allowing flexibility to meet either minimum
power requirements or real-time notification of system problems.

Pricing and Availability
The ADIS16240 is available now at a price of $26.58 per 1,000.
The ADIS16220 samples are available now, with production devices
available June 2009 at a price of $53.00 per 1,000.

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