PWM controllers offer superlative specs for telecom, datacom applications

Milpitas, CA, — Intersil Corporation, a provider of high performance analog solutions, announces the release of the ISL6840 through ISL6845 family of industry-leading single-ended current-mode PWM controllers designed to improve performance of AC-DC and 48 volt DC-DC converters widely used in telecom, datacom, and server applications. Devices in the ISL684x family are high-performance pin-for-pin upgrades for industry standard products.

The ISL684x family PWM controllers offer many significant performance advantages. The 5 MHz error amplifier bandwidth is five times wider than existing products, enabling fast transient response, which reduces the need for expensive and bulky output capacitors. The very precise internal voltage reference with its one percent accuracy over line, load, and temperature is three times better than competing products and is accurate enough to replace an external voltage reference. The 40 nanosecond peak-current-sensing time is nearly twice as fast as the industry's next-best competing controller. This fast current sensing simplifies a power supply designer's difficult job of reliably protecting against short-circuit faults.

The ISL684x family's 2 MHz switching frequency is two to four times faster than competing controllers and enables cost savings through the use of smaller filter components. The 1-ampere MOSFET gate drive capability enables efficient direct drive of MOSFETs, saving significant circuit costs over competing controllers.

The ISL684x family controllers are differentiated from each other by their internal under-voltage lockout levels and maximum duty cycles.

ISL684x Family Technical Summary
Pin-for-pin performance upgrades for UC3842 to 45, UCC38C40 to 45, MIC38C42 to 45, MIC38HC42 to 45
* error amplifier bandwidth — 5 MHz
* internal voltage reference — 1 percent, 2.5 V
* current sense time — 40 ns
* maximum switching frequency — 2 MHz
* output source and sink gate drive — 1 A
* gate switching times — 40/40 ns
* operating temperature range — -40 to +105 degrees C
* operating supply current of 3 mA and startup current of 100 uA
* Tiny 8-lead MSOP package and economical 8-lead SOIC package

The ISL684x family is available now. The suggested resale price for quantities of 100- to 999-unit quantities is $1.43 for the ISL684xIU (MSOP package) and $1.28 for the ISL684xIB (SOIC package). Both packages are available on tape and reel.

ISL684x data sheet

Intersil Corporation, Technical Support Center, 2401 Palm Bay Rd. NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905. Tel: 1-888-468-3774

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