PWM controllers target motherboard, POL systems

Geneva—STMicroelectronics has extended its portfolio of power management devices with a family of flexible and high-performance PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controllers intended for motherboard and POL (Point of Load) markets.

Four products—L6726A, L6727, L6728 and L6728A—integrate a voltage reference, control logic, gate drivers, monitoring and protection circuits into standard SO-8 or tiny 3x3mm DFN packages. Two of the chips offer additional features for high-level applications, including a PowerGOOD output to report power status and the output voltage sense for accurate over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

The L6726A and L6727 are low-cost single-phase PWM controllers, with embedded high-current drivers, enabling the easy creation of general purpose DC-DC step-down converters with functions for a broad range of applications from desktop PC sub-systems, such as memories and chipsets, to general-purpose power supplies. With their high level of integration, the SO-8 devices allow a reduction in the cost and size of the power supply.

The L6728 and L6728A add to the simpler devices the characteristics required by the high-end motherboard market, including ±0.8% voltage accuracy over line and temperature variations, a PowerGOOD output to provide real-time information on output-voltage status, and the chip-scale 10-lead DFN package. They offer a fixed-frequency 300-kHz (L6728) or 600-kHz (L6728A) oscillator, for simple but flexible application design. The devices are particularly suited to servers and niPOL (non-isolated Point of Load) applications.

Pricing and availability: The L6726A and L6727 are in volume production now, and are available in an SO-8 package priced at $0.50 in quantities of 1000. Samples of the L6728 and L6728A are available, with volume production in the fourth quarter of 2007. They are supplied in a 3x3mm DFN package.
Datasheets: L6726A, L6727, and L6728.

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