Pyroelectric infrared sensor measures only 5.0×4.7×2.4mm

CAMBRIDGE, UK — The IRS-B210ST01-R1 pyroelectric infrared (PIR) sensor is what manufacturer Murata claims to be the world's smallest at just 5.0×4.7×2.4mm, enabling the sensor to be used in compact, low profile electronic devices and equipment.

The IRS-B210ST01-R1 is also the only surface-mount PIR sensor on the market, says the company. It features high sensitivity and signal to noise ratio, excellent stability against temperature changes and white light and enhanced RFI immunity.

Because it detects infrared at the wavelength emitted by the human body, the device is suitable for person detection for security and proximity sensing applications.

Considering the surge in demand for energy saving devices, this sensor could find applications in household appliances to switch off lighting automatically when there is no-one in proximity.

The device has dual 0.85×1.2 mm electrodes with a field of vision of ±70º (horizontal) and ±50º (vertical). Its operating temperature range is -40 to +70ºC and it operates in the range of 2 to 15V.

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