Qqest Launches Fully Integrated HR Information System for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

QForce Connects Payroll, HR and Benefits Administration Via a Cloud-based Platform

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SALT LAKE CITY, July 17, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY , July 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Qqest announced QForce, a fully integrated human resource and payroll information system specifically designed for the needs of the small and mid-sized marketplace. 

Prior to QForce, fully integrated systems were so expensive and complicated, only large enterprises with massive personnel and budget resources could enjoy the operational and cost benefits they provide. Small and mid-sized organizations were forced to import and export data from disparate applications, leading to duplicate entries, wasted staff time and limited reporting capabilities.

QForce offers a simple, affordable, all-in-one solution that connects employee management, time and attendance, benefit management, payroll processing and reporting functions into one complete and completely integrated system.

The solution also includes self-service tools and templates that empower employees to take care of themselves, while still giving management a window into their activity to ensure they're conforming with corporate and regulator governance. The QForce interface is so intuitive, it can be managed directly by users, with no additional support from IT required.

With QForce, small and mid-sized organizations will enjoy fewer errors and lower costs, streamlined workflow, and reductions in training time and costs. The integration of HR and payroll information also brings more information together for analysis and reporting, making data more complete and more valuable—and supporting better decision making.

“As the Human Capital Market continues to grow, more companies are looking to automated solutions to save time and money on their labor costs,” said Chris Barrera , vice president of Qqest Employer Services.  “QForce brings the benefits of integrated payroll, HR and benefits administration all within a cloud-based platform accessible anywhere. This solution is a real game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses.”

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Qqest Employer Services provides real solutions to today's complex employee management issues. With over 46,000 customers, Qqest helps clients manage their small to mid-size businesses by offering a broad spectrum of products and services for time and attendance, payroll and human resource management.


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