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Quad, octal 12/14b ADCs target communication, medical needs

A quartet of 12- and 14-bit analog/digital converters from Analog Devices, Inc. offers a variety of channel densities, sampling rates, and packaging options: 4 and 8 channels, available non-magnetic packages (for MRI designs), and sampling rates. The eight-channel converters feature power dissipation which the vendor says is 40% lower than competitive devices. Target applications include medical, wireless communications, and industrial designs.

The ICs are the AD9257 14-bit octal; AD9637 12-bit octal; AD9253 14-bit quad; and AD9633 12-bit quad-channel A/D converters. The last two are available in non-magnetic packages, making their use a non-issue in the magnetic field of MRI systems.

Other features include:

•Serial LVDS interface (ANSI-644, default)

•Low power, reduced output swing option (similar IEEE 1596.3)

•Data and frame clock outputs

•Operation from a single 1.8-V power supply

•650-MHz full-power analog bandwidth

•2-V p-p input voltage range

•Serial port control

•Specified over the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C

•SNR between 71.8 dBFS and 75.7 dBFS, depending on the specific converter

Conversion rates, packaging, and pricing (1000-unit, rounded to nearest dollar):

AD9257 14-bit octal :

40/65 Msps64-lead LFCSP, 9x9mm $46/71

AD9637 12-bit octal :

40/80 Msps64-lead LFCSP, 9x9mm $40/56

AD9253 14-bit quad :

80/105/125 Msps48-lead LFCSP, 7x7mm $63/100/117

AD9633 12-bit quad :

80/105/125 Msps48-lead LFCSP, 7x7mm $44/58/69

Availability : All the devices are available now.

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