Quad sequencer IC touts highest accuracy

Wilmington, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' ADM1185 quad supply voltage monitor/sequencer is accurate to &plusmn0.8 percent, which the company says is the best in the industry.

Four precision comparators, working from a 2.7- to 5.5-volt source, have a 0.6-volt reference. Externally resistor-programmable inputs set the comparator's trip points, thus enabling designers to set up any power-up sequence (three outputs, with the fourth output the power-good pin) for turning on (external) regulator ICs. Time delays are set using external capacitors.

Intelligent fault response circuitry shuts down the power-good output in the event of a system anomaly.
In the case of a power source failure (the highest-voltage power supply, connected to the chip's Vcc pin), all outputs are switched off.

Click here for more information. The ADM1185 is sampling now, with full production scheduled for December. The device, housed in a 10-pin MSOP (also making it the industry's smallest quad sequencer, according to the company), is priced starting at $1.20 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities.

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