Quickfilter, Real Sound Lab collaborate to solve speaker equalization problems

Quickfilter Technologies, a maker of programmable digital filter ICs, and sound engineering technology developer Real Sound Lab have announced a collaborative methodology that enables designers to control frequency response in a range of consumer audio applications, including flat-panel TVs, docking stations and radios, where sound performance is compromised through cost and design constraints.

The methodology combines the Real Sound Lab CONEQ (CONvolution EQualizer) – a software-based technology for automated and detailed equalization of acoustic systems – with the Quickfilter QF1D512 FIR engine (SavFIRe) programmable digital filter. The CONEQ technology generates a speaker transfer function representing the acoustic power of a loudspeaker along with the inverse transfer function, which can be imported into the QF1D512 IC. The resulting FIR filter is claimed to takes minutes to design and implement.

In addition to controlling the frequency response of the audio system, the technology can flatten the final response to make a speaker a transparent transducer. In addition, it allows the audio engineer to select specific areas of the frequency spectrum to augment, such as providing bass boost capability.

“The combination of the Real Sound Lab CONEQ technology with the Quickfilter Technologies digital filtering ICs provides our customers with an exceptionally low-power, low-cost solution for solving speaker equalization problems” said Tony Valentino, Chief Operating Officer for Quickfilter Technologies, Inc. “Together, we improve audio quality while reducing the time-to-market for consumer audio systems.”

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