Quiet JFET features nearly zero popcorn noise

Fremont, Calif. — Linear Integrated Systems Inc.'s LSK170 series of junction field-effect transistors (JFETs) provide low noise at both high and low frequencies with a narrow range of saturated drain current and low capacitance.

The LSK170's low noise to capacitance ratio and narrow range of saturated drain current (IDSS) provide solutions for applications that can't tolerate high values of capacitance or wide ranges of IDSS. The LSK170 is specifically designed for low noise, high-input impedance
applications within the audio, instrumentation, medical and sensors markets.

The LSK170 series features nearly zero popcorn noise, said John Hall, president of Linear Integrated Systems. “Utilizing large scale integrated circuit technology to build the
LSK170 series allows LIS to achieve the goals of high transconductance, low
noise and a low value of gate to drain capacitance,” he said.

Applications include audio amplifiers and preamps, discrete low-noise operational amplifiers, battery-operated audio preamps, guitar pickups, effects pedals, microphones,
audio mixer consoles, acoustic sensors, sonobouys, hydrophones, chemical and
radiation detectors, instrumentation amplifiers, accelerometers, CT scanners
input stages, oscilloscope input stages, electrometers and vibrations detectors.

The LSK170 JFETs provide voltage noise of 1 nV per Hz at 1 kHz, 2 nV per Hz at 10 Hz typical
and a high gain (22 miliSiemens), with 22 pF of capacitance. The series is offered in three IDSS ranges: 2.6-6 mA, 6.0-12 mA, and 10-20 mA.

The narrow ranges of IDSS binning with the LSK170 promote ease of design
tolerancing, particularly in low voltage applications. The LSK170 is practical for
portable battery operated applications, and features high breakdown voltage (BVDSS) for maximum linear headroom in high-transient-program content amplifiers. The series has a
uniquely linear voltage gate-source (VGS) transfer function for stability.

The company's small-signal discrete product lines are specifically designed to service the new design and second-source requirements of customers in the audio, hybrid, medical, space, test and measurement markets. Linear Integrated Systems supplies pin for pin replacements for more than 2,000 discrete devices currently offered or discontinued by Interfet, Intersil, Micro Power Systems, Motorola, National, Fairchild, Toshiba, and Siliconix-Vishay.

The LSK170 series is a pin for pin replacement of the Toshiba 2SK170 and improved functional replacement for the Interfet IF1320, IF1330, IF1331, and IF4500, according to Linear Integrated.

The LSK170 series devices are sampling now in SOT-23 and TO-92 packages. The company is guaranteeing short lead times with delivery from stock. Pricing is 50 cents each in 1,000-piece quantities.

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