Rail-to-rail comparators have LVDS outputs

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices' 10-member ADCMP60x family of single-supply rail-to-rail comparators, touted as the first to include low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) outputs, are thus suited for driving FPGAs and ASSPs in a wide range of differential-mode applications.

The high-speed precision comparators, which also support current-mode logic (CML) and TTL/CMOS logics for applications ranging from medical instruments and test-and-measurement to RF and telecom equipment, offer rail-to-rail performance that is fully specified for an operating voltage from 2.5 V (and -0.5 to 3-volt input) to 5.5 V (and -0.5 to 6-volt input). Previous fast rail-to-rail comparators experience dead zones at operating voltages below 2.7 volts, noted the company. Propagation delay is as low as 1 ns (maximum 35 ns),
and jitter is just 2.5 picosecond rms.

Several members of the ADCMP60x family decouple the source supply (power pin) from the comparator's input ports to minimize feedback parasitics. High-speed latch and programmable hysteresis features are provided in a single-pin control option, producing balanced input-to-output delays and eliminating oscillation issues.

Click here to access the device datasheets for the ADCMP600/601/602. The ADCMP60x comparators, available in SC-70, SOT-23, MSOP, and LFCSP packages, are sampling now and will be available in full production quantities in September. They will be priced from 58 cents to $2.35 each in 1k quantities.

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