‘Rail-to-rail’ for HDTV/RGB

Milpitas, Calif. – Intersil Corp. is aiming two triple rail-to-rail amplifiers at high-definition digital television and high-speed RGB monitor applications that require low power consumption. The EL8300 is a 200-MHz bandwidth amp, while the EL8302 is a 600-MHz version. With per-channel power consumption of 2 and 5.6 milliamps, respectively, these devices have “gain-of-2” bandwidths of 90 MHz, for DTV, and 165 MHz, which is optimized for monitor RGB applications.

The EL8300 provides -3-dB bandwidth of 200 MHz with a slew rate of 200 volts/microsecond using 2 mA of supply current per channel. The companion EL8302 provides -3-dB bandwidth of 500 MHz, with a 600-V/microseconds slew rate and 5.6 mA supply current/channel.

Each is now available in a 16-pin SO or 16-pin QSOP. In lots of 1,000, the EL8300 costs $1.29 each and the EL8302 $2.29.

Intersil also has released six current-feedback amplifiers for high-speed video and monitor applications requiring low power consumption. The Elantec EL516X family includes 200-MHz, 500-MHz and 600-MHz bandwidth amplifiers. The EL5160 and EL-5161 feature 200-MHz bandwidths at -3 dB. The EL5162 and EL5163 offer 500 MHz of -3-dB bandwidth and consume 1.7 mA.

For very high-bandwidth applications, the EL5164 and EL5165 amps deliver 600-MHz bandwidths at -3 dB and 4,000-V/microseconds slew rates while drawing 5 mA.

All six parts are available now. In lots of 1,000 pieces, the EL5160 with fast enable/disable in an eight-pin SO or a space-saving six-pin SOT-23 package is priced at 68 cents each. The EL5161 in a five-pin SOT-23 is also 68 cents. The EL5162 with fast enable/disable in an eight-pin SO or six-pin SOT-23 sells for $1.13 each; the EL5163 in a five-pin SOT-23 is $1.13; and the EL5164 and EL5165, also in five-pin SOT-23s, are $1.23.

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