Rail-to-rail op-amps draw less than 1 microamp

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology's LT6003 (single), LT6004 (dual), and LT6005 (quad) rail-to-rail op-amps draw less than 1 microamp in operation (1.8 volt supply)&#8212 a new benchmark for precision low-voltage devices and tiny footprint, according to the company.

The LT6003 family of a 1.6-16 volt devices, in a DFN package as small as 2-by-2 mm that's suited for handheld instrumentation, has an input offset voltage of 500 microvolts maximum at 25&degC and maximum drift of 5 microvolts/&degC, making it reportedly the most precise op-amp and the smallest of its kind.

As such, the current draw for these op-amps, which generally go up by a factor of three as the output approaches the rails, isn't compromised. “The LT6003 family uses unique design techniques to preserve its micropower operation in all normal operating conditions as well as during startup, when the amplifier output is likely to be at the supply rail,” said Mike Kultgen, design manager.

Click here for the product datasheet. The op-amps are available in both leaded and leadless DFN packages and with fully guaranteed specs over the commercial, industrial, and automotive temperature ranges. The LT6003 family is available now with 1000-piece prices of 72 cents, $1.10, and $1.75 for the LT6003 (also available in a ThinSOT), LT6004 (3-by-3 mm DFN or MSOP), and LT6005 (5-by-3 mm DFN or TSSOP), respectively.

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