RAYSPAN Awarded Second Fundamental Metamaterial Air Interface Patent

SAN DIEGO , May 24 /PRNewswire/ — RAYSPAN Corporation, the world's leading innovator of metamaterial air interface solutions, announced today that it has been granted a second fundamental patent entitled “ANTENNAS, DEVICES AND SYSTEMS BASED ON METAMATERIAL STRUCTURES.”  The sweeping claims of this patent cover a wide range of metamaterial inventions from fundamental structures to RF components and communication systems.

“RAYSPAN's leadership and breakthrough improvement in RF performance using our proprietary metamaterial solutions is testimony to the power of the technology we have developed and its ability to surpass all competing solutions in size, performance, and ease of integration,” said Dr. Maha Achour, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of RAYSPAN.  “RAYSPAN will continue to develop our patent portfolio as we serve our current and future customers with innovative RF solutions.”

Ultra-miniature antennas and related air interface components and systems are enabled by RAYSPAN's proprietary technology. With an intellectual property portfolio that now includes over 125 awarded and pending domestic and international patents covering the world's most advanced metamaterial wireless technology, RAYSPANhas established an extremely strong foundation for licensing and protecting its metamaterial solutions in the global cellular handset and wireless LAN markets.  This unmatched patent portfolio protects the full span of RAYSPAN's fundamental enabling structures, including antennas, essential RF components based on such structures and the complete end-to-end communication networks, as well as the use of each in key RF subsystems and systems.

The air interface breakthroughs enabled by RAYSPAN's metamaterial technology include ultra-compact implementations for broadband and multi-band antennas, filters, couplers, diplexers, and duplexers and are applicable to all wireless LAN and cellular handset applications.  In addition, the unique properties of metamaterials enable highly integrated solutions, extending from miniaturized antenna arrays, including MIMO, to complete RF front-end systems.

RAYSPAN Speaking at IMS

Dr. Achour will be organizing a workshop Friday, May 28 from 8:00AM to noon in room 207C at the International Microwave Symposium being held this week at the Anaheim Convention Center. The workshop is entitled, “Practical Metamaterial RF and Antennas for Commercial Application” and will focus on metamaterial adoption into mass-market wireless devices.  RAYSPAN will also be presenting a paper entitled, “A Novel Broadband Power Amplifier Architecture for High Efficiency and High Linearity Applications”, which will be given on Wednesday, May 26 at 3:00PM in Room 204.  Those in attendance at IMS can also see RAYSPAN in the exhibition hall in booth 804.


RAYSPAN is the world's only provider of metamaterial technology for wireless communications. RAYSPAN® proprietary metamaterials and other advanced RF air interface solutions provide breakthrough improvements in antenna and RF front-end component miniaturization, performance, cost reduction and ease of manufacture. RAYSPAN's solutions support a full range of fixed and mobile wireless WAN and LAN applications including WiFi, all 2/3/4G cellular handsets, Bluetooth and GPS. They enable ultra-compact, multi-band, multi-mode and/or MIMO WLAN devices and cellular handsets with superior communication speed, range and mobility at reduced costs.  For more information visit


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