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RC oscillator IP to counter effects of process variation

A new RC oscillator IP allows the frequency to be trimmed to remove the effects of process variation; it can also be configured as a free-running clock (FRC) where a high-accuracy clock is not required. The RC oscillator IP features a typical start-up time of 10 us and has a frequency range of 20 kHz to 100 MHz with an accuracy of up to +5%.

Agile Analog claims that its new RC oscillator IP boasts a low power consumption of typically 100 uA at 10 MHz, less than an equivalent discrete analog component. Moreover, it’s the first product in a new family of analog IP blocks that the company is launching to make the integration of analog circuits onto ASICs very easy.

Source: Agile Analog

While analog IP blocks are manually redesigned for each application and process technology, Agile Analog’s Composa library automatically generates analog IP to exactly meet IC designers’ specifications and process technology. The analog IP circuits in the Composa library have been extensively tested and are fully validated every time they are generated.

Agile Analog’s IP circuits support all major foundries, including TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung Foundry, and SMIC.

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