RDS receivers enhanced for portable, in-car navigation devices

Austin, Tex.—Silicon Laboratories Inc. has expanded its broadcast audio portfolio to include two high-performance radio data system (RDS) receivers—the Si4706 and Si4749.

The Si4706 and Si4749 meet the growing demand to couple RDS traffic message channel (TMC) and open data applications (ODA) with static GPS navigation maps to dynamically route drivers around traffic anomalies. GPS navigation applications include portable navigation devices (PNDs), GPS-enabled mobile devices and in-car telematics.

The Si4706 and Si4749 apply patent-pending digital decoding techniques and leverage Silicon Labs' patented digital low-IF architecture to offer improved receiver sensitivity in low-signal environments, increased reliability of received RDS data and optimum RDS synchronization persistence.

According to Silicon Labs, the Si4706 and Si4749 improve RDS sensitivity over the current leading portable product by 33 percent, achieving 8 µVemf sensitivity with a five percent block error rate (BLER). This allows applications using the Si4706 and Si4749 receivers to receive data more reliably at greater distances from RDS transmitters. The Si4706 and Si4749 also decrease decoder error rate (DER) by more than 10 times over the current leading product, the company said.

The Si4706 and Si4749 are able to establish and maintain RDS synchronization in all types of signal environments, minimizing initial synchronization time and avoiding time required to re-establish dropped connections and recover lost data. The devices' ability to maintain RDS synchronization is more than two times better than leading technology, maintaining synchronization in environments with greater than 70 percent BLER. They also reduce average synchronization times to less than 90 ms in normal signal environments, the company said.

The Si4706 is packaged in a 20-pin, 3- x 3- x 0.55-mm QFN and the Si4749 is packaged in a 24-pin, 4- x 4-mm QFN.

Pricing: In 10,000-unit quantities, the Si4706 starts at $4.01 and the Si4749, at $4.33; evaluation boards are available for $150.
Availability: Samples are available now.

Product briefs: Si4706 and Si4749.

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