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There are a lot of interesting technical things happening out there that we can't cover, either because of our space/time restrictions, or these items fall outside our basic coverage areas. But they are interesting nonetheless!

For example, here are four items of interest I have recently seen, two from March's NASA Tech Briefs, and two from February's Laser Focus World (like many of you, I am behind in my reading!):

First , from Tech Briefs ,

Three-function logic gate controlled by an analog voltage ,” from Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This circuit implements a different logic function—NAND, straight through, AND—dependng on the value of a control voltage.

Submicrosecond power-switching test circuit ,” from Marshal Space Flight Center, this circuit switches an electrical load in under 300 nsec, can be used to test the regulation of power-supply circuits.

[Note: unfortunately, these items are NOT available online, you'll have to find a hard copy. But, they may be worth it!]

Second , from Laser Focus World ,; [free, registration required]:

“Fiber sensors lay groundwork for structural health monitoring ,” from suspension bridges in China to limestone buildings in London, fiber-sensing systems are helping engineers take better care of the world's infrastructure. If you just thin about fiber for comm links, think again! This article looks at the many technical and physics ways of using fiber to sense physical attributes

“PHOTONIC FRONTIERS: SILICON PHOTONICS – Closing in on silicon lasers .” Lasing isn’t impossible in semiconductors with indirect bandgaps, but it is difficult, which makes the quest for silicon lasers a challenging pursuit. The hows, whys, and why nots of using our ubiquitous silicon for lasing action, and what progress has been made.

Check these out, and I'll highlight other items of interest as I see them.

Bill Schweber , Site Editor, Planet Analog

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