Real-time clock module includes ID-ROM for effective DRM

Munich—Epson Toyocom Corp. plans to begin shipping in June a compact real-time clock module dubbed the RX-8731L that has a built-in ID-ROM, providing users with digital rights management (DRM) in portable media players.

DRM is employed in systems to protect copyrights by restricting the copying and use of digital music and other digital content

In addition to basic calendar and timer functions, the RX-8731LC package integrates peripheral circuitry that supports ID-ROM, E2PROM, general-purpose I/O ports (GPIOs) and many other functions for digital players.

The RX-8731L module will ship with unique ID information written to the 48-bit internal ID-ROM at the factory. The ID information can be used as a unique identifier for a specific device in DRM schemes, which encourage licensed distribution of digital contents and prevent their unauthorized copying and distribution. The RX-8731LC thus facilitates the embedding of ID information in digital players.

The ultra-compact package measures 3.6 x 2.8 x 1.2 mm, and houses a QMEMS tuning fork crystal unit that eliminates the need for customer clock adjustments.

Some of its main specifications include an operating power-supply voltage of 1.7V to 5.5V and standby current consumption of 0.35 µA (Typ)/3V.

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