Real-Time Clocks – with 32.768kHz crystal in 16-pin SO

Dallas Semiconductor introduced four serial real-time clocks – DS1337C/ DS1338C/ DS1339C/ DS1374C – that include a 32.768kHz crystal in a 16-pin SO package. Combining the crystal in the package eliminates potential sourcing, layout, and manufacturing issues that arise when matching the crystal to the real-time clock, resulting in a simpler implementation for the user.

The devices offer many features, including automatic power switching, trickle-charge output, alarms, binary-coded decimal time or binary counter, and 1.8V to 5V operating voltages. The new package variants are rated for operation over the industrial temperature range (-40&#176C to +85&#176C).

Prices start at $1.23 for the DS1337C , $1.52 for the DS1338C and DS1339C , and $1.65 for the DS1374C (1000-up, FOB USA).

Dallas Semiconductor , Dallas, TX 75244, USA.

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