Receiver brings digital radio to emerging markets

London—Frontier Silicon's unified digital radio receiver module is designed to work with all existing Band 3 and L-Band digital radio standards for Europe and Asia.

Dubbed Venice 5.1 FS2025-1, the new receiver addresses the market need for a product that supports all Eureka-147 based standards, including DAB and DAB+ and DMB-Audio.

Frontier Silicon's unified digital radio module will be based on the Venice 5.1 receiver unveiled earlier this year in Australia. The Venice 5.1 FS2025-1 module is a low cost receiver for DMB-Audio, DAB, DAB+ and FM-RDS, and is a drop-in replacement, both electrically and mechanically, for existing products designed using the company's Venice 5 module range, which already provides a basis for the vast majority of digital radio products shipped in 2007 and 2008.

The unified digital radio module will include all interfaces necessary for a fully-functional product, needing only power supply, display, keypad, audio amplifier and speakers to complete a radio.

Pricing: Less than $20 in volume.
Availability: Sampling will begin in the third quarter of 2008, and volume production by the end of 2008.
Product information: Click here.

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