Reference kit advances CobraNet audio network design

Orlando, Fla., and Austin, Texas—Cirrus Logic Inc. and Ltd. have teamed up to offer a reference kit that is aimed at helping audio network engineers design CobraNet digital audio networks with custom user interfaces.

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The general purpose, multi-zone intercom, paging and background music reference kit leverages the Stardraw Control tool. Demonstrated through the CobraCom network-powered CobraNet hardware platform, the reference kit allows audio network designers to produce cost-effective products with engaging control panel graphics that are easy to use, according to the companies.

“Stardraw has made controlling audio networks simpler and helped enable CobraNet to be more easily designed into any networked audio system, not just the high-end pro-audio application,” said Steve Gray, CobraNet applications manager, Cirrus Logic, in a statement.

Stardraw Control offers a drag-drop interface and intuitive design environment, enabling installers to configure systems and control them without writing a line of code. Stardraw Control controls heterogeneous systems by providing a software-based, unified control framework that can control any type of remotely controllable equipment from any manufacturer, using any protocol.

Stardraw Control supports many protocols, including TCP/IP, RS-232, InfraRed and CobraNet technology, and can control any other networked device that might be included in the system, according to

Stardraw Control with Cirrus Logic's CobraCom reference platform is a board-level design kit that includes one RJ45 connector for CobraNet/Power-Over-Ethernet connection, one mic level input, one 15-watt speaker level output and RS-232 and GPIO connectors. Onboard processing includes one Cirrus Logic CS496102 CobraNet interface and 32-bit DSP, and one CS4265 audio codec and audio interface., +1-866-978-0906 or +1-212-672-1855,

Cirrus Logic Inc., 1-800-625-4084,

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