Regpack A Smart, Easy to Use Online Registration Software Announces Their Pricing

Regpack, an easy to use online registration, payment and user management platform has announced its pricing structure. Regpack's software enables registration for anything from camps, conferences, HR recruitment, membership and more.

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO , June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Regpack, a new innovative online registration software, has announced pricing, showing the company's commitment to advance tools for the small and medium business markets. Regpack offers an easy way for online data management. The Regpack event registration system adapts intuitively to the information entered by the end user, resulting in more completed applications and up to a 30% increase in payments. The service offers numerous benefits including an intuitive interface and statistical tools to understand user trends. Regpack has recently moved from private beta stage. Regpack’s pricing can be viewed on the site.

“We are committed to making a difference and bringing the best tools possible at a price that anyone can afford – no matter if you're using our platform as a camp management software or as a membership management tool. We are strong believers that technology should make a difference and we hope that leveling the playing field will enable small businesses to compete against big competitors by giving them fortune 500 tools. We have structured Regpack's pricing so that our clients have total control over their expenses,” said Asaf Darash , CEO of Regpack.

Regpack offers a number of plans and presents a unique pricing model. An organization can start using the system for as low as $50 a month. Administrators can view activities and information together making it a great collaborative tool within small and medium sized organizations. This together with the “flex admin” plan, which enables organizations to enlarge their team only when needed, makes Regpack a cost effective and invaluable tool for many businesses.

About Regpack: An innovative online registration software works to make the application process fun and intuitive. Regpack makes it easy to register users, collect payments and manage events. It generates high level statistics that enable organizations to get better results. If you're interested in a free 30 day trial of Regpack, visit



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