Regulated Charge Pumps – target battery-powered handhelds

Catalyst Semiconductor has introduced a pair of very low noise, regulated output charge pumps that implement a 2MHz constant switching frequency, enabling the use of small 1F ceramic capacitors.

The CAT3200-5 and CAT3200 devices are designed to continuously monitor and control the inrush current during power-up, and are ideal for battery-powered applications. A shutdown feature disconnects the load from VIN and reduces quiescent current to well under 1&microA. The devices can survive a continuous short-circuit from VOUT to GND. Other features include output current of 100mA, zero current consumption in shutdown mode and under-voltage lockout.

The CAT3200-5 is a fixed 5V regulated output charge pump power converter in a thin SOT23 package. It is designed to address cost critical applications, such as wireless and other small handheld devices that require a regulated, or boosted, voltage higher than the supply voltage. Operating from input voltage down to 2.7V, the CAT3200-5 is well suited for lithium-ion battery powered devices that require a 5V fixed bias for an ASIC as well as USB peripherals. It also provides a solution to drive LEDs in parallel, using ballast resistors to set the current, in LCD backlighting and in colour indicator applications.

For applications that need an adjustable output general-purpose power converter Catalyst offers the CAT3200 . This device is well suited to driving LEDs in parallel using an external resistor on the feedback pin to set the LED current, and is shipped in an 8-pin MSOP package.

The CAT3200-5 is available in a thin, 1mm maximum height, 6-lead SOT23 package; priced at $0.85 in 3,000 piece quantities.

The CAT3200 is available in a space-saving, 8-lead MSOP package; priced at $0.94 in 3,000 piece quantities.

Catalyst Semiconductor Inc , Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA.

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