Regulators for RocketIO SERDES pass Xilinx test

Responding to demand for tailored dc/dc regulators for powering serialiser deserialiser (SERDES) applications, Linear Technology's DC/DC µModule line, designed for RocketIO SERDES systems, have now been verified by Xilinx. The devices provide an alternative to traditional linear regulators, which tend to dissipate too much heat.

The four µModule regulators to have passed Xilinx's jitter tolerance, Bit Error Rate Test (BERT ) and eye-scan tests are the LTM8023 (2A), LTM4604 (4A), LTM4606 (6A) and LTM4616 (dual output, 8A). All are switch mode designs that have been optimised for low noise performance. Operating from inputs that range from 2.375V to 36V, these devices vary physically in size depending on their power capabilities.

Xilinx employed 8 SERDES channels for its test setup – 2 channels for measuring jitter tolerance and 6 channels for loopback mode. An HP461A and Agilent DSO 54855 were used to obtain TX output jitter measurements and a BERT Scope-S was used for RX jitter tolerance.

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