Remote terminal unit senses relay-based applications

Roseville, Calif. — R2 Controls is providing an inexpensive way of remote sensing and high-speed remote relay control via its Modbus mixed signal remote terminal unit (RTU) for demanding field and industrial relay-based applications.

The RTU includes integrated opto-isolated digital inputs, analog inputs, Modbus communications protocol, high power relay outputs and serial communications options.

“The R302 mixed signal RTU's rugged design and flexible communications capabilities enable ease of adaptation into any remote industrial or field environment requiring high power remote relay output control, such as in oil and gas distribution systems, water flow monitoring and control applications and integrated multiple control points in large industrial complexes” said Tim Hinchey, R2 Controls president and CEO.

The RTU, which incorporates Silicon Labs' C8051F206 microprocessor running at 22.1 MHz, is an RS485/232 interface to eight high-speed optically isolated digital inputs with pulse counting, two analog inputs and eight Form 1C single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay outputs.

Digital input voltage levels can range from 3 to 40 volts AC or DC. The output relay contacts are rated at 10 A/120 VAC and have rubber snubber circuit protection. Field wiring is made easy with 5.0-mm pluggable screw terminal blocks.

The RTU operates at a supply voltage of 9 to 30 VDC and may be used in a stand-alone mode as a programmable relay controller or connected via an RS-485 port to other RTU's to create an expanded remote network environment. The industrial I/O is accessed via 56-pluggable screw terminals and standard DB9 serial connectors.

Available now, the R302 Modbus mixed signal RTU is priced at $269 in single quantity. Click here for preliminary data on the R302 Modbus RTU.

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