Renesas Technology : Digital amplifier has built-in 24-bit audio DSP

Renesas Technology Europe today announced the R2J15116FP, a compact, high-performance digital amplifier supporting IIS*1 digital audio signal input with a built-in 24-bit audio DSP. It is intended for use in thin flat-screen TVs employing LCD or plasma display panels.

The device, contained in a compact 7 mm x 7 mm package, accepts IIS digital audio signal input, performs signal processing using a built-in 24-bit audio DSP, and amplifies the result with a digital amplifier to deliver stereo output to two speakers at up to 15 watts per channel. Typically, thin flat-screen TVs require detailed tuning of their audio systems for different markets and screen sizes. This processing is usually performed in the preceding stage of this digital amplifier by the main DSP, which mainly handles tasks such as surround processing and decoding. This imposes a significant processing load. In the R2J15116FP, in contrast, processing for the volume control and the parametric equalizer*2 for optimizing the speaker characteristics is done by the built-in audio DSP. This reduces the load on the main DSP and makes it possible to generate a more varied and higher quality sound environment for video applications.

The R2J15116FP also achieves better audio signal performance and quality than conventional digital volume control implemented using a DSP, through the use of Renesas Technology’s exclusive intelligent volume function, which offers higher resolution when switching the volume level for smoother volume level transitions. The R2J15116FP also uses a feedback circuit to stabilize the output level when the power supply voltage fluctuates, an approach with a proven track record in products employing analog input. In addition to the volume control and seven-band parametric equalizer, there is a two-band tone control, a loudness function useful for low- and high-range expansion compensation, a power limiter function that allows setting of a user-defined maximum output level, and a dynamic range control (DRC) function that lowers the signal amplitude without distortion at high volume levels and raises it at low volume levels. Settings for all of these functions can be made flexibly from the MCU via the I2C bus.

Protection functions include detection of overcurrent, overheating, and low voltage, as well as a feature that provides warning in advance of overheating. This automatically lowers the volume to prevent the temperature from rising to a dangerous level. Additional functions include PLL unlock detection, which enhances the safety of signal input to the amplifier, and input signal error detection. This full complement of protection functions simplifies system design and boosts reliability.

The R2J15116FP uses a compact 48-pin HTQFP package, requires no heat sink, and delivers maximum stereo output of 15 watts per channel.

1. IIS: A widely used output format for digital audio signals.
2. Parametric equalizer: The equalizer in an audio processing system allows raising or lowering of the gain for specific frequencies of the audio signal. Operation of the equalizer is left to the end user. In a parametric equalizer, the audio frequencies of the audio signal are divided into bands, and the center frequency of each band can be fine tuned by changing the parameter Q (quality factor). The primary reason for providing this functionality in the R2J15116FP is to enable fine-grained adjustment of the speakers’ frequency characteristics.

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About Renesas Technology Corp.

Renesas Technology Corp. is one of the world's leading semiconductor system solutions providers for mobile, automotive and PC/AV (Audio Visual) markets and the world's No.1 supplier of microcontrollers. It is also a leading provider of LCD Driver ICs, Smart Card microcontrollers, RF-ICs, High Power Amplifiers, Mixed Signal ICs, System-on-Chip (SoC), System-in-Package (SiP) and more. Established in 2003 as a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, NYSE:HIT) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TSE:6503), Renesas Technology achieved consolidated revenue of 951 billion JPY in FY2007 (end of March 2008). Renesas Technology is based in Tokyo, Japan and has a global network of manufacturing, design and sales operations in 17 countries with 26,800 employees worldwide.

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Headquartered in Buckinghamshire, UK, Renesas Technology Europe has offices in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany (3 offices), Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey, and representation via related companies in the Czech Republic, South Africa, Russia and Israel.

In Europe, Renesas focuses on automotive (control, networking, infotainment), wireless (GSM, CDMA and Bluetooth), smart card and industrial microcontroller applications such as white goods, motor control, metering, energy management, building security and healthcare. It employs over 150 engineers to develop solutions for the European market and to assist customers with application development. Renesas is a leading supplier of smart card ICs in Europe. Europe is the world’s largest market for automotive electronics and microcontrollers, and is the region of most design influence for wireless electronic products. Feedback from customers in this market Europe has great influence on Renesas’ product development.

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