Repeater improves signal integrity of DisplayPort video transmitters

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Parade Technologies Ltd. has unveiled the PS8121ED DisplayPort repeater device at this week's Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco. Aimed at notebook docking station and motherboard applications, the PS8121ED improves output signal quality of DisplayPort transmitters or “source” systems by removing signal distortion caused by long printed-circuit-board (PCB) traces and connectors within the DisplayPort signal path.

The PS8121ED is claimed to be the first DisplayPort repeater that responds to link training commands between the source and sink systems. Using Parade Technologies' proprietary “Aux Channel interceptor” circuit, the device actively monitors the DisplayPort Aux Channel communication between the source and sink systems. The PS8121ED adjusts its output voltage swing and pre-emphasis level based on the sink system request during link training, as well as the number of main link (high speed) lanes and Aux Channel managed power states.

The originating DisplayPort transmitter within the source system will also respond to these sink requests, however, the PS8121ED will over-ride these input drive changes and provide the correct drive characteristics at the system output receptacle. The device drives the DisplayPort output receptacle with a clean signal, improving DisplayPort compliance test margin and enabling robust interoperability with a wide variety of receivers, said Parade.

The PS8121ED DisplayPort input incorporates Parade's advanced equalizer circuit. This circuit automatically adjusts the voltage gain and pass-band frequency response of the input receiver to compensate for signal loss (attenuation) and distortion over the system's internal distribution path.

The PS8121ED is housed in a 48-pin QFN package. The device is compliant with DisplayPort Standard version 1.1a.

Parade Technologies will be demonstrating the PS8121ED at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, August 19-21, 2008.

Pricing: $1.40 each in volume.
Availability: Production quantities are available now.
Product information: PS8121ED

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