Revel Systems Brings iPad Cash Register To Supermarket Industry With Launch Of Grocery iPad Point-Of-Sale System

Dwolla Payment Integration, Honeywell Flatbed Scanner Connection, Grocery POS API Makes System Ideal for Food Stores of All Sizes

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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 21, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO , Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Revel Systems, the leader in iPad point-of-sale (POS) solutions, today released a new version of its POS system designed specifically for supermarkets and grocery stores. The launch of Revel Systems' Grocery POS software solution at Marty’s Market—a specialty market with five checkout lanes in Pittsburg , Pennsylvania that focuses on bringing fresh, all-natural food to its customers—marks the expansion of Revel's successful customer base of restaurants, food trucks and retail establishments into an industry segment that has long been in need of point-of-sale updates to meet the changing demands of new generations of customers.


“We've seen so many great benefits of the system in the time we've had it live in our store,” said Lawrence Capozzolo , Head of IT for Marty's Market. “With its now familiar intuitive touchscreen interface, the iPad makes it so simple for our employees to learn so that we don't have to spend days training them. Adding to the simplicity and compactness of the iPad POS system, the solution ties in to our flatbed scanner and card reader in a way that matches the flow of our store.”

According to “Trouble in Aisle 5,” a recent study by and Alix Partners, the Millennial generation (those born between 1982 and 2001) will surpass the Baby Boomer generation in buying power over the next decade, so grocery stores throughout the industry are paying more attention to what this group demands. Coupled with the fact that Millennials are more focused on technology than prior generations, this triggered Revel Systems' plan to build a Grocery POS system to tackle the growing industry of specialty grocery stores. These stores need a Grocery POS system that can suit the needs not only of their business, but also of their clientele, making Revel's flexible Grocery POS a great fit with outlets like Marty's Market.

Features of Revel's Grocery POS system include:

  • Integration with Dwolla, a new payment platform that charges no fees for transactions under $10 and only 25 cents per transaction for any amount over $10 with no service agreement or cancellation fees for the stores. LevelUp's payment platform is also a supported plug-in.
  • Hardware connections via wireless connection through Revel Systems' Revel Router to best-of-breed peripherals that include Honeywell flatbed scanners, Epson printers, chip/PIN attachment for PIN debit transactions, cash drawers, scales and more
  • Import/export of products made just for supermarkets to enable price changing on the fly
  • Price-embedded SKUs that enable deli and other sections of the store to preprint price-embedded barcodes to expedite front register scans
  • Grocery Store API that allows modification of products at an advanced level
  • Coupon capability to scan manufacturer coupons or printable online coupons
  • Customer-facing kiosk mode for self-checkout lanes
  • Full-blown POS back-end features that include real-time reporting for inventory control, employee scheduling and more

“Revel Systems is about building a platform for all commerce to interact, and our Grocery POS system has been in development for over a year to provide our customers with the features they really want and need to run their businesses,” said Lisa Falzone , CEO and co-founder of Revel Systems. “The payment industry is super competitive right now, not to mention that these specialty stores want sleek design with attachment to best-of-breed peripherals. Our partnership with Dwolla for payments and our API, which connects to Honeywell scanners and other peripherals, give our customers the most advanced features at an extremely competitive price point.”

Revel's Grocery POS software license is $2,000 per seat plus additional hardware bundling options and is currently available at or by calling (855) 738-3555.

About Revel Systems

Revel Systems seeks to deliver quick, powerful and intuitive solutions that move the point-of-sale industry away from antiquated and overpriced legacy point-of-sale solutions and into the iPad era. Using sleek, cutting-edge technology, Revel Systems is disrupting how point-of-sale systems are developed and utilized by their end customers, restaurant, retail and supermarket establishments. Founded by Stanford graduate CEO Lisa Falzone and CTO Chris Ciabarra , Revel Systems is the leader in iPad point-of-sale technology. For more information visit Join the REVELution!

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