RF DAC targets DOCSIS 3.0

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Maxim Integrated Products unveils the MAX5881, which it says is the industry's first 12-bit, 4.3 GS/s digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that can directly synthesize multi-channel QAM signals in the 50-MHz to 1000-MHz cable downstream band. This device meets the requirements of Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 3.0 for up to four contiguous channels per RF port.

In addition to enabling a fully digital cable upconversion solution, the MAX5881 simplifies the RF portion of the design, which results in a lower cost per QAM channel than analog solutions, said Maxim. This is said to eliminate the need for many of the components used in the traditional analog solution such as an upconversion modulator or mixer, a downconversion mixer, fixed and agile frequency synthesizers, amplifiers, and filters. Providing higher density, lower power, and lower cost per channel than the traditional analog approach, the MAX5881 solution is suitable for DOCSIS 3.0-compliant edge QAM devices and cable modem termination systems (CMTS), said Maxim.

The MAX5881 operates from 3.3-V and 1.8-V supplies, and consumes 1.2 W at 4.0 GS/s. The device is fully specified over the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range. It is offered in an 11 x 11 mm, RoHS-compliant, 169-ball CSBGA package.

Datasheet: MAX5881

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