RF power transistors reduce weight, size, cost in avionics, radar apps

Phoenix, Ariz. — HVVi Semiconductors, Inc. has announced two additions to it line of products based on the industry's first high-voltage vertical field effect transistor (HVVFET) architecture, which is said to deliver higher output power in a smaller package, along with lower power consumption and higher ruggedness. Designed to operate at 48 V, the HVV1011-035, a 35-W surface-mount RF power transistor targets IFF, TCAS and Mode-S applications, while the HVV1214-200, a 200-W RF power transistor, is aimed at ground-based radar applications.

The two power transistors allow designers to build high-power, high-impedance systems in easy-to-match 48-V components. For avionics applications in the L-band from 1030 MHz to 1090 MHz, the HVV1011-035 power transistor operates at 48 V and delivers 35 W of pulsed output power. The device offers 20 dB of gain and 52% efficiency typical at 25°C with a pulse width of 50 μs and a pulse width period of 5%. The HVV1011-035 is specified to withstand a 20:1 VSWR over all phase angles, rated output power and operating voltage across the entire frequency band.

The 200-W HVV1214-200 extends the capabilities of HVVi's power transistors for L-band pulsed radar applications in the 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz band. This device offers 17 dB of gain and power efficiency of 45% when operating at 25°C with a pulse width of 200 μs and a pulse duty cycle of 10%. The HVV1214-200 also offers a VSWR of 20:1.

The HVVFET technology offers performance advantages in terms of gain, efficiency and impedance that allow designers to eliminate amplification stages in power amplifiers (PAs), which reduce parts count and shrink PCB space requirements, said HVVi. It also allows radar and avionics designers to eliminate bulky and costly isolators, further reducing system weight, size and cost.

The HVV1011-035 is housed in a SM200 style surface-mount package with a ceramic lid. The HVV1214-200 comes in a two-lead, metal flanged HV400 style package with a liquid crystal polymer lid. These packages are MIL-STD-883, Method 1014 qualified.

Pricing: The HVV1011-035 sells for $162.83 in 1-24 unit quantities. The HVV1214-200 sells for $343.96 in 1-24 unit-quantities.
Availability: Samples are available for both devices. Production volumes will be available in 4Q 2008.

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