RF protocol stack optimized for wireless 2.4-GHz control devices

Oslo, Norway—Nordic Semiconductor has launched the Wireless Desktop Protocol, a protocol stack for advanced RF control devices.

Designated nRF2601, the Wireless Desktop Protocol is communication software for Nordic Semiconductor's 2.4-GHz transceivers with Enhanced ShockBurst link layer and includes all upper protocol layers for implementing wireless connectivity for advanced control devices.

The protocol provides reliable, high performance data communication with 2.4-GHz co-existence performance using an advanced asynchronous frequency agility transmission scheme offering packet latencies of 1.5ms.

A ReverseBurst feature allows high-throughput data streaming from the host to the device, making it suitable for the bidirectional communications demanded by advanced Media Center remote controls with displays. The protocol stack also provides native support for star topology networking of up to five control devices with bidirectional data connections to one host, enabling easy implementation of 3-in-1 desktop bundles utilizing mouse, keyboard and remote control.

Datasheet in PDF format: click here.

Nordic Semiconductor, 1-408-437-7751 x1115,

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