RF receiver line covers 300-to-930-MHz frequency band

Concord, N.H.—The two latest members of Melexis' RF receiver family are the MLX71120 and MLX71121, which are automotive-qualified ICs with dual RF inputs that allows the user to easily set up an antenna diversity scheme.

The MLX71120 and MLX71121 are designed for low-cost antenna diversity applications in the unlicensed Industrial-Scientific-Medical (ISM) and Short-Range-Devices (SRD) frequency bands. The MLX71120/MLX71121 RF receiver ICs are tailored for low-power and low-cost fixed frequency applications. They can address the European 863- to 870-MHz SRD bands or the ISM bands at 902- to 928-MHz in North America.

At the same time the receiver chips are applicable for the lower frequency bands at 315-MHz such as in the United States or at 433-MHz in Europe and China. Manufacturers of worldwide equipment for automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) and Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) as well as consumer and industrial system makers benefit through the simplification of their production logistics and the indirect reduction in cost. A simple crystal change adapts the system for different application frequencies.

Both receivers feature a dual-band approach, which allows switching the RF inputs between two applications, one at 433-MHz and a second at 868-MHz.

Pricing: The unit cost for the MLX71120/71121 is $1.50 each in quantities of 100,000.
Availability: Now.
Datasheets: MLX71120 and MLX71121.

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