RF transistors deliver 600W CW and 1kW pulsed power

Working on an ISM, broadcast, or radar application that requires significant output power? Then you should take a closer look at the RF power transistors that Freescale Semiconductor released this week. These devices follow in the footsteps of the company's 300W part, which was released earlier this year. The new MRF6VP21KH, MRF6VP41KH, and MRF6VP2600H all take advantage of Freescale's 50V LDMOS processing technology. And, all three products are designed to be rugged and handle strong mismatches; as a result, they demonstrate a 10:1 VSWR.

So, here are the key specs:
MRF6VP21KH: 10 to 235 MHz frequency range, 1 kW peak output power (at 225 MHz, 100 μs pulse width, 20% duty cycle), 24 dB gain, 67.5% efficiency. Typical applications include digital VHF television transmitters as well as HF and VHF communications systems.

MRF6VP41KH: 10 to 450 MHz frequency range, 1 kW peak output power (at 450 MHz, 100 μs pulse width, 20% duty cycle), 20.5 dB gain, 64% efficiency. Typical applications include radar and public safety communications systems.

MRF6VP2600H: 10 to 250 MHz frequency range, 600 W CW P1dB output power (at 225 MHz), 125 W output power in typical OFDM DVBT (Direct Video Broadcast-Terrestrial) TV service, 25.8 dB gain, 29% efficiency, adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) at 4 MHz offset of -61 dBc. Typical applications include FM broadcast transmitters, analog and digital VHF television transmitters and ISM applications.

All three devices are RoHS compliant and are housed in air-cavity packaging. With the MRF6VP41KH, the company is announcing a new industry package, an “earless” version of the air-cavity ceramic package that is optimized for solder mounting. With this new package, Freescale aims to lower its customers manufacturing costs, reduce footprint, and improve reliability. This new package is RoHS compliant, but it can also be used with lead-based solder, which might be of interest for those developing for defense applications that have exemptions.

According to Jeannette Wilson, Emerging Products Marketing at Freescale, the MRF6VP41KH is also proving to be particularly interesting to designers working on pulsed radar applications because of its high output power and 10 to 450MHz frequency range. Likely applications for this part will be national satellite and weather UHF radar as well as defense radar.

The MRF6VP21KH, MRF6VP41KH, and MRF6VP2600H are sampling now with full production expected in November 2007. Reference text fixtures are available for all three devices. For more information, click here or visit

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