RFIC integrates four switches in a flip-chip package

San Diego, Calif.—Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. has unveiled the UltraCMOS PE42110 multiple switch IC for advanced multi-band WCDMA handsets.

Marketed under the brandname MultiSwitch, the RFIC incorporates four independent high performance RF switch devices on a monolithic flip-chip IC controlled by a single onboard CMOS controller. As a result, the RFIC provides for more than 85% size reduction over alternate products, according to the company.

Next-generation handsets now being developed incorporate tri-band WCDMA and quad-band EDGE platforms, an architecture that demands seven radios in a single handset. This has complicated the RF front-end by more than tripling the high power signal paths engineered in today's quad-band EDGE handsets. Because switching signals to and from a duplexer and filter banks are used in these next generation designs, the burden to the switching function becomes high.

The new applications require very low insertion loss due to the signal going through two switch paths; very high linearity due to its WCDMA platform; an effective switch solution for four independent, simultaneous signal paths and up to 14 control states; and very high isolation of more than +55 dB for critical paths.

To meet these specifications, Peregrine's designed the PE42110 using UltraCMOS technology.

According to Peregrine, the PE42110 is capable of integrating multiple switching devices, onboard controllers, high reliability, ESD tolerance and exceptional RF performance for tri-band WCDMA/quad-band EDGE RF switching applications.

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