RFID reader chip wins another fan

austriamicrosystems announced another design win for its AS3990 Gen 2 UHF reader chip – Infinite Electric's INR 100 long range reader. This follows on from design wins from Advanced ID Asia for a UHF RFID reader and DLP Design, for a UHF Desktop Reader, announced earlier this year.

The AS3990 is an integrated analog front end and data framing system for a 900MHz RFID reader system that austriamicrosystems codeveloped with IDS. Notably, this soc can be used across portable, fixed, short, or long-range applications, enabling a single core design to be spun into a family of product designs. Infinite Electric said that it helped them to achieve a 'fast implementation' for the INR100 reader, which will be used for mid to long range interrogator systems and high performance applications.

Design win for RFID reader chip

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