Richardson Electronics : 1 kW FM amplifier is compact and reliable

The RES-INGENIUM (Orvieto, Italy) FM1K-108 is a highly reliable, highly compact, and high performance 1 kilowatt FM amplifier module (see picture). This Class B amplifier was designed specifically for FM and HDFM radio broadcast applications, and features:

· Robust built-in protection circuitry
· Compact size: 250mm x 180mm x 53mm [9.8” x 7.1” x 2.1”]
· No tuning required for full operation

The built-in protection circuitry provides maximum security against overdriving, SWR over-voltage, and thermal runaway. This amplifier provides 1kW of linear CW output power (from 87.5MHz to 108MHz), a substantial 74% collector efficiency, and superior harmonic suppression (-55dBc). The FM1K-108 is extremely rugged and reliable, featuring four MRF6V2300NBR1 LDMOS transistors from FreescaleTM Semiconductor. The enhanced gain (22dB) allows the system designer to use lower input power (7W), eliminating one or more gain stages, and saving cost. The FM1K-108 is ideal for FM transmitter, transposer, and broadcast exciter designs. Data sheets and samples are available by calling your local Richardson Electronics sales representative. The FM1K-108 should be used with the Wakefield 510-9M heat sink from Richardson Electronics.

Call 1-800-737-6937 or visit .

Bill Murphy
Technical Marketing Manager
RF, Wireless & Power Division
Richardson Electronics
40W267 Keslinger Road
PO Box 393
LaFox, IL 60147

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