Richardson Electronics Launches New Line Of Cellular Signal Enhancers

Richardson Electronics announced a strategic expansion of its engineered solutions products that includes a line of new Cellular Signal Enhancer designed for in-vehicle use to improve the signal strength and coverage of cellular phones when used in automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats.

The announcement reinforces Richardson's position as a leading provider of new and innovative RF and wireless communications solutions. With the increased demand and use of cellular phones in today's consumer marketplace, Richardson has designed the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers to accommodate how cellular phones are being used in today's operating environment.

Representing the leading edge of wireless technology, the In-Vehicle Cellular Signal Enhancers, developed by Richardson's RF Engineered Solutions division, can be easily installed into a vehicle in order to facilitate a strong and consistent cellular signal.

The products are dual band (able to operate at both 800 and 1900 MHz) and are compatible with all current cellular service providers.

Richardson Electronics , La Fox, IL 60147, USA.

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