Ricoh power management IC includes supervisory circuits

Amstelveen, The Netherlands — Ricoh Europe has announced the R5104V power management IC for microprocessors. A single chip solution supplies power to a microprocessor and includes various embedded supervisory circuits to reset the processor when critical conditions occur in order to provide safety and high reliability of the continuous operation of the application. The CMOS based chip ensures a complete power supply with supervisory circuits and features low current consumption prolonging battery life. All these features are in particular important for applications such as an automotive microprocessor controlled keyless entry systems or industrial applications which need to be operational at all times without malfunctioning. In order to increase the level of safety and reliability of the application, the R5104V provides advanced supervisory features like LDO output voltage monitored by a voltage detector; LDO output current monitored by an adjustable current sense circuit; and WatchDog Timer output monitored by an output pulse detector.

Microprocessor reset conditions occur when the LDO output voltage drops below a certain threshold voltage; when the output current exceeds the preset maximum level; when the supply power-on-reset sequence is initiated; or when microprocessor watchdog output pulses are not present for a certain period due to a software lock-up. A special feature for the R5104V is that it is high input voltage tolerant and is able to operate in a maximum 36 V supply voltage environment and survives from 60 V peak voltages up to 200 ms duration.

Maximum output current for the LDO controller is determined by the specifications of an external transistor and offers therefore a flexible solution according to the designers’ requirements. The current limit threshold can be set by an additional current sense resistor. The R5104V is available in two different product versions, in the A-Version the Watchdog Timer detector is controlled by the chip enable pin only and as for the B-Version the LDO is controlled as well.

Ricoh Europe BV , Amstelveen, The Netherlands.

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