Ricoh real time clock IC has ultra low time keeping voltage

Amstelveen, The Netherlands — Ricoh announces the R2023x and R2033x Real Time Clocks (RTC). These simple RTC ICs are Ricoh's response to the increasing market demand for less PCB board space consuming semiconductor parts. Both feature various solutions reducing PCB board space area and power consumption and limit the number of external parts. The RTC ICs support a 2 wire I2C bus and 3 wire bus interface and were designed in addition to the earlier launched 4 wire SPI bus interface R2043x to cover all popular serial bus interface types. The small FFP12 package requires only a PCB area of 4mm sq, while the thin TSSOP10G package measures only 0.85mm in height. In addition these RTC ICs are designed to operate with small crystals in a range from 6 to 9pF. They are able to operate with a low minimum time keeping voltage of typically 0.66V. This provides a longer backup time or a smaller sized backup battery can be selected. CPU's might also require a secondary crystal as a sub-clock frequency in order to run in an economic mode. The available 32kHz frequency output on the RTC can be used to save costs and board space as well. Another interrupt output is present to provide alarm or periodic signals to the CPU. The RTC supply voltage is monitored internally and a flag is set at the power-up sequence or once the supply voltage drops below a critical level to monitor the validity of the RTC clock data. The R2023x and R2033x come with a so called Time Trimming Function for clock deviation compensation. No external capacitors for the oscillator circuit or manual trimming is required. Ricoh Europe BV , .

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