RoHS-compliant GaAs amplifiers come packaged or as bare die

Hillsboro, Ore.—Microwave IC maker TriQuint Semiconductor is debuting four GaAs (gallium arsenide) amplifiers slated for designers developing point-to-point radio, wireless base stations, satellite communications systems, electronic warfare, and the like. Some of these devices may also find application in instrumentation.

TriQuint notes that by using a 3-metal-layer interconnect GaAs process, the company has the ability to shrink MMIC s (monolithic microwave integrated circuits) by as much as half compared to products designed with a 2-metal-layer interconnect process. Smaller devices increase per-wafer yield, which should translate into lower costs for you.

Packaged Or Bare Die

You can also get them as bare die. According to company spokesmen, many designers who previously acquired bare die for module assembly are now requesting packaged parts. As the shift to industry-standard packages is an on-going trend, TriQuint has decided to offer more packaged products.

Nonetheless, if your application still demands un-packaged die, that alternative remains available.

Significantly, TriQuint tests these products at DC and at RF on-wafer to ensure performance and compliance.

Leading off the group of TriQuint Semiconductor's new products is its lead-free and RoHS -compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) TGA4040-SM . It's a medium-power amplifier for 17-GHz through 35-GHz applications.

As a wide-band amplifier, it uses the company's 0.15-µm power pHEMT (pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) process.

Regardless of what's inside the package, the TGA4040-SM provides a nominal 20-dB of small-signal gain, with 18-dBm (64-mW) maximum output power (at the 1-dB gain compression point). For 2x and 3x multiplier applications, a TGA4040-SM can provide 15-dBm (typical) output power (at 9-dBm P-in ).

Evaluation boards are also available.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

Higher Power

A higher power GaAs amp rolling off the fabs at TriQuint is its TGA4525-SM . The TGA4525-SM comprises a HPA (high-power amplifier) MMIC for K-band applications. These include point-to-point radio, sat-com, and point-to-multi-point communications.

Addressing the needs of designers targeting products at emerging and cost-sensitive markets, the device is based on a 0.25-µm pHEMT process.

The TGA4525-SM provides a nominal 37-dBm (5-W) output at the TOI (third-order intercept). The HPA also delivers 29-dBm of output power (800-mW) at 1-dB gain compression from 17-GHz through 27-GHz, with a small-signal gain of 22-dB.

As with the TGA4040-SM, eval boards are available.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

Ku-Band Applications

Next in TriQuint's line-up is its TGA2520 HPA MMIC. It's suited for Ku-band satellite ground terminal applications and point-to-point radios. It fully covers the 12-GHz and 16-GHz bands, and comes in a compact footprint measuring less than 3.5-mm2 .

Designed using a 0.5-µm power pHEMT process, combined with 3-metal-layer interconnect, the 2-W TGA2520 provides 33-dB of gain. What's more, it exhibits a TOI spec of greater than 40-dBm.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

Dual 3-GHz LNAs

Finally, there's TriQuint's TGA2602-SM device. It's a packaged high IP3 (third order intercept) dual pHEMT discrete LNA (low-noise amplifier). The TGA2602-SM should fill the bill for wireless network base station and WiMAX applications, as both sections can operate out to 3-GHz.

The TGA2602-SM provides a noise-figure of 0.55-dB (when used in a balanced configuration), and exhibits a small-signal gain of more than 19-dB (at 1.95-GHz).

The TGA2602-SM is available in a low-cost surface-mount 6-lead 2 x 2-mm QFN (quad flat, no lead) package. Balanced evaluation boards are available for it. It's also lead-free and RoHS compliant.

Click here for a datasheet (in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format).

For more information on any or all of these GaAs wares, contact TriQuint Semiconductor, 2300 NE Brookwood Parkway, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124. Phone: 503-615-9000. Fax: 503-615-8900. E-mail:

TriQuint Semiconductor , 503-615-9000,

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