Rotary position sensor delivers 1-million rotational cycles

Riverside, Calif. — Bourns, Inc. has released a 12-mm rotary position sensor that provides 1-million rotational cycles. The Model 3382, the latest addition to Bourns' Trimpot line, also features an IP40 seal rating.

The Model 3382 rotary position sensor features a shaftless, surface-mount design and high-performance characteristics including a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +120°C, and independent linearity of +2% for its compact size.

The dust-proof rotary sensor is designed for space-constrained applications that require high reliability such as navigation systems, automotive power seats and mirrors, portable electronic equipment, digital cameras, industrial equipment and controls, robotic systems and home applications including mechanical compartment systems, appliances, and in-wall temperature control systems.

The device is well-suited for applications that require frequent adjustment where it is necessary to control a variable output such as frequency, speed, contrast, brightness intensity, or volume control. The design is also a good solution for applications where a mechanical angular displacement is measured by the device's proportional output signal.

Pricing: Ranges between $1.10 to $1.20 in quantities of 1,000 through distribution.

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