Row Sham Bow Launches Debut Game “Woodland Heroes”

Lead your band of woodland creatures to protect the forest from the evil King Bear and his armies in an exciting action-strategy game on Facebook

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ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 18, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. , Oct. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — When Row Sham Bow opened its doors six months ago, its team of industry veterans set out to create something different from the average Facebook games. They wanted to make a game they wanted to play; one with fun gameplay and where there were consequences for the player's decisions. Today, those aspirations came to fruition with the release of Row Sham Bow's first game, Woodland Heroes, now available on Facebook.

Woodland Heroes combines story-driven action with battle tactics and strategy to create an entirely new gaming experience. With a nod to classic hero's journey tales, players lead the woodland creatures to freedom, and discover the truth behind the disappearance of the hero's father in an epic story of adventure and redemption as the player battles the King Bear and his army of evil forest predators. The adventure takes place on a huge world map that features six distinct regions — from lush lowland forests, to swampy and barren bogs, to snow-capped mountains of the north. Players will battle enemy forces across 56 unique locations with endless variations.

“We are focused on bringing something compelling and fun to Facebook gaming. By presenting the player with decisions with consequences, we are drawing on decades of gaming inspiration, both as gamers and as game makers,” said Philip Holt , President and CEO of Row Sham Bow.

Row Sham Bow's debut release certainly doesn't look like any other Facebook game out there either, and that is something the team focused on from the beginning. Row Sham Bow assembled an outstanding team of artists that includes a Disney-trained Art Director who was recently at Cartoon Network to lead character creation, environment artists whose prior experience includes work on Guild Wars, and some of the strongest user interface designers in the game industry.

“The art of Woodland Heroes serves our overall design goals,” said Jeremy VanHoozer , Art Director of Row Sham Bow. “We want to create a sense of discovery in our players. We want our players to be emotionally invested in the game, so we have created a compelling story with lovable allies and hated enemies set against beautiful backdrops.”

Woodland Heroes launched this morning on Facebook and is available at:

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Row Sham Bow Inc. is a venture-backed game development studio founded by a veteran team with years of experience in the gaming industry. With a focus on developing for social networks and direct-to-consumer platforms, the company creates fun and innovative games in collaboration with gaming audiences in unprecedented ways. For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter @rowshambowgames.

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