RTD signal conditioner simplifies monitoring of auto’s exhaust temperature

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Maxim's MAX6603, a dual-channel analog conditioner with ESD protection for platinum resistive temperature devices (RTD), is suited for next-generation automotive engine-control systems that monitor exhaust temperature for EURO-IV emissions compliance.

The MAX6603 amplifies and level-filters the input signals from two 200-ohm RTDs. The chip's output (two independent analog outputs) is directly ratiometric to simplify the interface to external A/D converters and the microcontroller. The resulting system output will be accurate to at least &plusmn6&deg over the RTD range of +400-600&degC (the chip handles an RTD input range of -40 to +1000&degC).

The MAX6603 minimizes self-heating errors (RTD excitation currents are minimal), and the chip does not require calibration. The MAX6603, working from a 3- to 5.5-volt source, has overvoltage protection to 16 volts and &plusmn5 kV ESD protection at the RTD input pins.

Click here for the datasheet. The MAX6603, in a 10-pin TDFN and rated for operation over -40 to +125&degC ambient, is priced beginning at $1.50 each (1000-up, FOB USA).

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