S-video drivers remove glitches in portable video apps

Milpitas, Calif.—Intersil Corp. has introduced 9-MHz low-pass reconstruction filters housed in tiny, ultra-slim µTQFN or chipscale packages that remove quantization noise and switching glitches created by video DACs on the analog output signal.

The ISL59114 and ISL59116 S-video drivers have integrated gain-of-two buffers and a summer that recombines the S-video signal to provide a composite video output for those applications in which the DAC does not provide a composite video out.

Their tiny 0.5-µA power-down current increases the application's battery life when the amplifier is not in use, in addition to having an extremely low quiescent current during video operation. Targeted at low supply rail applications, the ISL59114 and ISL59116 operate from a single 2.5V to 3.6V supply.

The ISL59114 and ISL59116 gain-of-two buffers provide enough output drive current and gain to compensate for double-terminated video loads. The device has an output slew rate of 40V/µs, and provides a full rail-to-rail output level.

Coupled with their ultra-small packages and extremely low current consumption, the ISL59114 and ISL59116 are suitable for portable and next-generation video appliances. Target applications include video amplifiers, portable video players, MP3 players, cable and satellite set-top boxes, video handsets, handheld products, personal video recorders, and HDTVs.

Pricing: The ISL59114 is $3.88 and the ISL59116 is $3.88 in 1,000-unit quantities.

Availability: The ISL59116 is available now in a 9-lead CSP package and the ISL59114 is available now in a 10-lead µTQFN package.
Data Sheets: ISL59114 and ISL59116.

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